Coconut and Banana Pancakes


1 tablespoon of Shredded coconut, to serve
1/3 cup of Plain flour
2 tablespoons of Rice flour
1/4 cup of Caster sugar
1/4 cup of Desiccated coconut
1 cup of Coconut milk
1Egg, lighted beaten
60g Butter, extra
1/3 cup of Lightly packed soft brown sugar
1/3 cup of Lime juice
Butter for frying
Strips of lime rind, to serve


  1. Spread the shredded coconut on an oven tray and toast it in a slow 150oC oven for 10 minutes or until it is dark golden, shaking the tray occasionally.
  2. Remove the coconut from the tray to prevent it from burning and set aside.
  3. Sift the plain and rice flour into a medium bowl.
  4. Add the sugar and desiccated coconut and mix through with a  spoon.
  5. Make a well in the center of the flour, pour in the combined coconut milk and egg, and beat until smooth.
  6. Melt a little butter in a non-stick frying pan.
  7. Pour 3 tablespoons of the pancake mixture into the pan and cook over medium heat until the underside is golden.
  8. Turn the pancake over and cook the other side.
  9. Transfer to a plate and cover with a tea towel to keep warm.
  10. Repeat with the remaining pancake batter, buttering the pan when necessary.
  11. Cut the bananas diagonally into thick slices.
  12. Heat the butter in the pan; add the banana, toss until coated, and cook over medium heat until the banana starts to soften and brown.
  13. Sprinkle with the brown sugar and shake the pan gently until the sugar has melted.
  14. Stir in the lime juice.
  15. Divide the banana among the pancakes and fold over to enclose.
  16. Sprinkle with the toasted coconut and strips of lime rind.


  1. Looks amazing as always. :) I think I know what I'm trying this weekend.

  2. Looks like i know what i'm making sunday morning :)

  3. wow this is making me hungry! I love pancakes one of my favorite foods :D

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  9. Just found your blog and I have to say these look tasty. Going to throw you on reader since I think I want to go through your back topics.

    /tipping my hat to you/

  10. It may be 11 Pm right now but those look sweet.

  11. not a fan of coconut, but banana. yum!

  12. Yummy I gonna ask my mom if she do it for me :P

  13. I honestly don't know where to get shredded coconut from where I am. Damn college life.

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  16. Im going to the supermarket and gettin some banana's.

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  18. as always an awesome looking recipe
    this goes directly into my recipe book :)

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